Current Status and Prospect of Hydrogen Mobility in USA

Joseph Kim(KAEA/USA)

Curriculum Vitae

(2014~), Smart Whale Control, Inc, CEO

(2014~), Eneridge. Inc, CEO

(2019~), KAEA, Chairman

(2020~), Ghenus Air, Inc, CEO


(Ph. D.) Business Administration , Korea University

(Master) Business Science, KAIST

(Bachelor)BusinessAdministration,Korea University

Research Interest

1. eVTOL fueled by Hydrogen


The importance of mobility using hydrogen is increasing. We will look at the current status and prospects of various mobility using hydrogen in the United States. In particular, for the Air Taxi project, which is the most important service in the UAM era, we will examine the development prospects of hydrogen-based eVTOL in detail.

Through this, it will be an opportunity to anticipate the future of hydrogen mobility and prepare for the new era properly.

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