Development and operation status of hydrogen drones

Jiyoung Kim(Doosan Mobility Innovation/Republic of Korea)

Curriculum Vitae

(2016-2020), Doosan Mobility Innovation, Chief Business Leader

(2011-2016), Doosan, Team Leader

(2006-2011), i-Omni. Co., Ltd., Director of Technical Development & Sales

(2004-2006), Samsung Electronics, Senior Embedded Mobile S/W Engineer

(2002-2004), Dreamsecurity co. ltd., Senior Security S/W Engineer


(MBA) Seoul National University, Finance Concentration

(Master) Seoul National University, Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

(Bachelor) Seoul National University, Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Research Interest

1. Mobile Hydrogen Fuel Cell
2. Business Development & Management
3. Development of Software Program
4. Mechanical Engineer


Doosan's fuel cell business is an exciting future growth engine and focuses on the mobile applications of fuel cell technology. With build-safe systems and reliability customers can trust, DMI is heavily investing in UAV applications that are quickly accelerating the growth of long-endurance flight and the UAV industry.

In industrial drone market, due to battery drones' limited flight time, there are high needs for long endurance. Endurance was the most highlighted keyword in the survey conducted by Drone Industry Insight, inquiring the most important factor in the drone business. To tackle the long-issued problem of short distance, technologies such as hybrid drone and tethered drone emerged. However, considering the limited distance of tethered, and the dangers of gasoline, there are little room for commercialization.

Doosan Mobility Innovation's hydrogen fuel cell drone DS30, launched in October last year, appears to be the solution for all the problems mentioned above. With high density and environmentally friendly fuel cell powerpack, DS30 can fly for more than 4 times compared to conventional drones. Because it produces low noise and vibration, DS30 can obtain optimal data in flight. In CES 2020, Doosan Mobility Innovation won Best Innovation and Honoree awards with its hydrogen fuel cell drone.

Additionally, DMI signed a MOU with global IT firm Microsoft to develop AI/IoT integrated software solution in its effort to preoccupy the industrial drone market.

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