Understanding the Electro-chemical Heart of a Fuel Cell-the Fraunhofer Approach

Ulf Groos(Fraunhofer ISE/Germany)

Curriculum Vitae

(2010-2020), Fraunhofer ISE, Head of the Department Fuel Cell Systems


(Ph. D.) Chemical Engineering, Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg

Research Interest

1. Membrane Electrode Assembly for mobile fuel cells
2. Fuel Cell Modelling regarding Performance and Degradation
3. Production Research for MEAs


The Fraunhofer institutes have strong activities in hydrogen technologies and 28 institutes build a network on hydrogen technologies. Fraunhofer ISE is working on hydrogen technologies since the early 1990s on topics like PEM electrolysis, synthetic fuels and Power2X as well as fuel cells for mobility.

Within the department Fuel Cell Systems we concentrate on the membrane electrode assembly (MEA) for low-temperature polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) fuel cells. Regarding our research we have strong capabilities in in-situ characterization with electrochemical measurements like polarization, impedance spectroscopy, cyclic voltammetry, linear sweep voltammetry, limited current density and CO stripping. We operate from lab scale laboratory cells up to the short stack level. The characterization goes along with modelling activities regarding performance or degradation. Important is production research as very high through-puts request for innovative coating and manufacturing technologies including in-line quality control.

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