R&D Status of Hydrogen Mobility in Korea

Yang, Tae-Hyun(Korea Institute of Energy Research/Rep. of Korea)

Curriculum Vitae

(2020), KIER, Director of Future Energy Research Division

(2015), KETEP, Program Director of Hydrogen and Fuel Cell

(2008), KIER, Chief of Fuel Cell Research Team


(Ph. D.) Materials Sci. Eng., KAIST

(Master) Materials Sci. Eng., KAIST

(Bachelor) Materials Sci. Eng., KAIST

Research Interest

1. Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell
2. Hydrogen Energy
3. Electrochemistry


Recently, Korean government has announced the hydrogen economy roadmap with 81,000 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, 310 refueling stations and 1.5GW stationary fuel cell power plants in Korea by 2022. Ten thousand fuel cell vehicles are already accumulatively sold in Korea. In addition, the Korean government put more funding/policy supports for hydrogen mobility such as heavy duty vehicle, forklift, train and ship to reduce green gas emission and to preoccupy the market.

Hydrogen and fuel cells are KIER's main R&D areas over the last few decades. For fuel cell R&D, the sub-areas are developing core materials and building all types of systems such as distributed power generation, fuel cell vehicles, IT/portable power and APUs. In this presentation, R&D of hydrogen mobility in Korea was summarized.

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