Will the Hydrogen Economy Finally Take Flight?

Ali Izadi(BloombergNEF/Canada)

Curriculum Vitae

(2010-), BloombergNEF, Head of Asia Pacific Research

(2010-2010), Japan's National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Postdoctoral Research Scientist


(Ph. D.) Materials Science, Meijo University

(Master) Electrical Engineering, University of British Columbia

(Bachelor) Engineering Physics, University of British Columbia

Research Interest

1. The transition of the region's economies to a cleaner more competitive future


Hydrogen has once again become the subject of great enthusiasm in the energy sector. Leading companies are forming business units, major countries are devising strategies and export projects are being planned. But hydrogen has been through hype cycles before. Could this time be different?

This talk examines the overall hydrogen economy premise from hydrogen production to storage and transportation, as well as the myriad of possible applications including the role of hydrogen in mobility.

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